Throw away those nasty chemicals and sprays! Teacher’s Pet–made from a proprietary microfiber blend–cleans your whiteboard like nothing you’ve ever seen before AND it’s 100% machine washable!

Questions About our Products?

Will it really clean my Chalkboard?

Yes. Seriously. It will really clean a chalkboard.

What’s the difference between Teacher’s Pet and the carwash mitt?

Again, Teacher’s Pet is made from a proprietary blend of polymers that was formulated in order to specifically clean whiteboards. Microfiber comes in many different blends, weaves and qualities. Some microfiber is 100% polyester and some is a blend of polyester and nylon. We’ve actually seen other microfiber that is woven out of cotton. Basically, when you change the weave, the fibers and their ratios in the microfiber manufacturing process you change the characteristics of what the fabric is able to do. Teacher’s Pet is designed specifically to clean whiteboards. Because it is microfiber it happens to have a lot of other properties that are inherent to this particular textile

What is Teacher’s Pet made of?

Great question! We can tell you part of the answer. Teacher’s Pet is made from a proprietary blend of polymers making it the best product on the planet for cleaning whiteboards. Technically, Teacher’s Pet is classified as a microfiber. Because microfiber is so versatile, Teacher’s Pet can also be used to clean whiteboards, chalkboards, smartboards, tablet screens, monitors, phone screens, desks, all glass surfaces and it’s also great for dusting!

Is it washable?

One of the beautiful aspects of Teacher’s Pet is that it is 100% machine washable and dryable. Simply throw it in the washer with warm water and regular laundry detergent and then toss it in the dryer. It’s as simple as that. The only don’t is DON’T use fabric softener or dryer sheets! Both of these will kill your Teacher’s Pet.

Will it clean surfaces that have been painted with whiteboard paint?

About a year ago I would have said, “No.” However, since then a customer has written a review on Amazon (5-Stars) in which he states specifically that it cleans his “whiteboard-painted table” like nothing he’s ever seen before. It did in this instance, but it is solely dependent on the quality of the paint and the paint job.

How often do I need to wash it?

This probably isn’t the answer you want to hear, but it depends. It depends on how much you use it and it depends also on what you use it for. If you soak up your morning cup of Starbucks with it (Teacher’s Pet will soak up a full 32 ounces!), you should probably launder it that might. If, however, you use it for your whiteboard/smartboard every couple of months should be sufficient.

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