My wife, Luanne, and I are fortunate to have three healthy boys—Trey, Shane, and Josh—who have each grown into fine young men. Other than the standard scrapes and bruises (and the discomfort that accompanied braces in their teenage years) they have each been healthy and strong as they advanced from infancy to manhood. However, as a special education teacher (me) and a pediatric nurse (Luanne), we are keenly aware that we have indeed been blessed. In both our daily lives we are confronted with children who are not nearly as fortunate—children who are abandoned, abused, misunderstood, critically ill, and maybe worst of all, without hope. It seems that on a regular basis, one of us comes home with a heart wrenching story that on most occasions brings us to tears and reminds us how fortunate we truly are.

Given our daily involvement with children—the most vulnerable segment of our population—we have pledged to do what we can, in some small way, to improve the lives of infants through adolescents by providing financial support to organizations that we believe touch children in a way that reaches across socioeconomics, race, religion, geographic location, gender, and age.

PCRF Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Most people are unaware that only 4% of all the money that is raised and donated to cancer research annually is earmarked for pediatric cancer. On average 43 children and adolescents are diagnosed with some form of cancer every day in the United States with that number rising to more than 250,000 children worldwide every year. It is the number one disease killer of all children and more children die from cancer than pediatric AIDS, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and congenital anomalies combined. Because of research, the cancer death rate has dropped more dramatically for children than for any other age group. As children are our leading hope for a better world it seems that more should be done—and could be done—to end this terrible disease.

With this in mind, we have developed a new product that will be available soon to benefit the research funded by the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

Teacher's Pet KIDZ

Teacher’s Pet KIDZ is made from the same proprietary microfiber blend as the original Teacher’s Pet.  However —and as the name implies—they are sized for kids. Yes, now every student in class will have their own “#1 Personal Whiteboard Eraser on the Planet” at their desk! I’m sorry, but did you say, “puppet show”?  

Teacher's Pet KIDZ school whiteboard erasers

As you can see, our new Teacher’s Pet KIDZ scream FUN and ENGAGEMENT and if you listen real closely you can hear them whisper, “We care”.  By donating at least 15% of our sales from this product, your purchase for your classroom, your hospital, and your office will directly help the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation to give every child a cancer free future.