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Teacher's Pet whiteboard eraser

#1 Whiteboard Eraser
on the Planet!

Teacher's Pet is the most innovative classroom product since the pencil! Dirty white boards are now a thing of the past. Instead, you'll have a whiteboard - and a classroom - that sparkles like it's brand new. No chemicals, eco-friendly, and long lasting, When it's dirty just throw it in the washer and drier and,,,Voila! Like new again!  Teacher's Pet is what we teachers have been waiting for!


Tired of trying to keep your whiteboard clean?



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Teacher’s Pet is designed by a teacher for teachers who have grown weary of trying and trying to keep their whiteboards clean.

  • Tired of your whiteboard turning grey after only a few weeks of school?
  • Are you concerned about the number of chemicals we disperse into our environment every day?
  • Did you just spill your morning cup of coffee or did one of your students just spill their juice?
  • Unsatisfied with the amount of attention the new guy on your custodial staff pays to the Dust family that has moved in and taken over your book case?
  • Do you need an “out of the box” idea to help engage your students?

Teacher’s Pet has got you covered!

Teachers love the #1 Whiteboard Eraser on the Planet!


What they have to say

Whiteboard Paddles clean vs. dirty
As a high school math teacher, I like to create a healthy, friendly competitive atmosphere among my students. I purchased these white board paddles, but after only two uses, I was unable to wipe them clean and had to stop using them. I tried sprays, water, rubbing with an eraser and tissues, nothing would restore them to their original whiteness. One wipe from Teachers’ Pet and I am able to use my white board paddles again. A life saver!
— Marlene Spector, Santa Clara, CA
Throughout the day, my whiteboard is covered with numerous colors of dry erase markers. I used to spend precious time from my day to keep my board looking its best. This was a daily chore. Now, I use my Teacher’s Pet! It saves me tons of time because erasing with it takes away the need for dry erase cleaner and it’s the only tool I need to keep my board sparkling! I’m the envy of every teacher on my floor and often can’t find it because my colleagues “borrow” it. One of the best things about it, though, is that I don’t have to replace it after a few short weeks; I just put it through the wash and it’s like new again!
— Jenn Austin, Bennington, VT
female teacher with elementary school students